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Many people returning home from prison are highly motivated to break their personal cycles
of crime and incarceration, but need a helping hand. A multi-sector collaboration of government and nonprofit
agencies and employers (the Greater Chicago Reentry Coalition) believes that opportunities change behavior,
and that helping ‘returning citizens’ who need our support will promote safe Chicagoland communities.

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We are a network of training programs, supportive services, career fairs and employers helping returning citizens and at-risk job candidates reach economic stability.

About Us

Teamwork Englewood, The Chicago Police Department, and other partners created a collaborative called the Greater Chicago Re-Entry Network. This collaborative is ground breaking since it’s multi-sector including nonprofits, employers, and government. The Chicago Police Department are the pioneers of true community policing creating opportunities for everyone, while Teamwork Englewood and partners increase collaboration.

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Howard Area Community Center

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